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About  Us


"Efficient Endurance"

Global-Tek is dedicated to performing with a strong emphasis on reliability and durability while maintaining energy and water conservation.


“Powerful and Clean”

Global-Tek strives to achieve the pinnacle of standards in sanitation and hygiene qualities by empowering our customers with the best-performing equipment.


“The Durable Dishwashing Solution. Master of the controls”
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Global-Tek was founded in May 2005, the start of dishwashing machine supplier to multiple companies. We supply a wide range of commercial dishwashers for a large spectrum of settings, from Under counter units to full-scale Flight Type Conveyors.

Global-Tek is formed with a direction to provide customers to lead their own cleaning solutions. We guide them in solving dishwashing problems, one step at a time. Our in-house manufactured machinery provide flexibility access and convenience from machine configuration to scheduled maintenance and parts replacement.


Global-Tek believes in client continuity through support and development from their personalised requirements. We regard quality as the utmost importance in maintenance and servicing, and focus on the customers’ needs.

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