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Mini Flight

Flight - Mini.jpg
  • The Mini Flight Type variant delivers every aspect of the Flight Type capabilities, but now in a smaller package.

  • Now in a mini version for areas that requires heavy loading and washing but don't have enough floor space.

  • Large-scale washing and rinsing with blower and dryer.

  • Highly customisable stages to fit in extra Wash, Rinse, Dryer and even Heat Recovery Tank.

  • Multiple safety features such as auto stop, sensor start and insulated doors.

  • Easy to access components makes daily maintenance hassle-free.




Dimensions (mm):

According to configuration

Heating Mode:

Steam or Electrical

Power Supply:

415V | 50Hz | 3 Phase

Electrical Loading:

From 40kW (56A)*

Wash Tank Heater Power:


Booster Tank Heater Power:

4 x 9kW

Wash Pump:


Conveyor Motor:


Wash Cycle Time:

240 to 300 racks per hour^

Rinse Usage:

<1 liter(s) per rack

* Electrical Loading may vary according to machine configuration. 

^ Wash Cycle Time and Rinse Usage may vary according to machine configuration and conveyor belt speed setting.

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