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Single Tank (Booster Underneath)

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  • The Booster Underneath variant are suitable for settings with limited headroom by repositioning the booster heater tank within the bottom cabin. This results in a reduction in total height by almost 20%, saving you the trouble of finding other alternatives to fit your requirement.

  • Reduced total height for kitchen area with limited headroom area.

  • Automated conveyor washing system with safety operating features.

  • Simple and easy fitting for tabletop and pre-rinse basin.

  • Heating modes available to fit in either steam or electrical.

  • Highly customisable with bolt connecting Dryer or External Booster Heater.




Dimensions (mm):

1150(W) x 725(D) x 1640(H)

Loading Height (mm):


Power Supply:

415V | 50Hz | 3 Phase

Electrical Loading:

39 kW | 55 A

Wash Tank Heater:

9 kW

Booster Tank Heater:

36 kW (4 x 9 kW)

Wash Pump:

1.55 kW ABB Motor

Conveyor Motor:

0.55 kW

Wash Cycle (Per Rack):

225 racks per hour

Rinse Usage:

<1 liter(s) per rack



Single Tank (Booster Underneath)


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