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Single Tank (Heat Recovery)

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  • The Heat Recovery variant continues to reduce the power requirement, pushing the definition of power efficient to its limit. The incoming water supply is preheated by the unused thermal energy, further increasing its already efficient potential.

  • Higher levels of efficiency from heat recovery by drawing excess heat as reusable energy to reduce the operating cost. Available in both Single and Double Tank models.

  • Automated conveyor washing system with safety operating features.

  • Simple and easy fitting for tabletop and pre-rinse basin.

  • Heating modes available to fit in either steam or electrical.

  • Highly customisable with bolt connecting Dryer or External Booster Heater.




Dimensions (mm):

1150(W) x 695(D) x 1979(H)

Loading Height (mm):


Power Supply:

415V | 50Hz | 3 Phase

Electrical Loading:

21 kW | 30 A

Wash Tank Heater:

9 kW

Booster Tank Heater:

18 kW | 2 x 9 kW

Wash Pump:

1.55 kW ABB Motor

Conveyor Motor:

0.55 kW

Wash Cycle (Per Hour):

225 racks

Rinse Usage:

<1 liter(s) per rack

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Single Tank (Heat Recovery)


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