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Flight Type

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  • The grandeur of our dishwashing models is built for industrial grade washing to meet high volumes and demands. The Flight Type Crate and Dishwasher delivers maximum performance suited in any environment. Its high customisation is tailor made to any requirements, according to your needs.

  • Large-scale washing and rinsing with blower and dryer.

  • Highly customisable stages to fit in extra Wash, Rinse, Dryer and even Heat Recovery Tank.

  • Multiple safety features such as auto stop, sensor start and insulated doors.

  • Easy to access components makes daily maintenance hassle-free.




Dimensions (mm):

According to configuration

Heating Mode:

Steam or Electrical

Power Supply:

415V/50Hz 3 Phase

Electrical Loading:

From 40kW (56A)*

Wash Tank Heater Power:

1 x 9kW, 2 x 9kW

Booster Tank Heater Power:

4 x 9kW

Wash Pump:

1.5kW, 2.2kW

Conveyor Motor:


Wash Cycle Time:

240 to 520 racks per hour^

Rinse Usage:

<1 liter(s) per rack

* Electrical Loading may vary according to machine configuration. 

^ Wash Cycle Time and Rinse Usage may vary according to machine configuration and conveyor belt speed setting.

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