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Knight Dispenser

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  • The Knight UMP 200L Dispenser is a state-of-the-art ware wash chemical feed and control system for commercial dishwashing machines that has a well proven history of durability and reliability. This next generation of UMP Digital offers Inductive Probe capability, allowing the UMP Digital to operate in probe mode with increased reliability and accuracy without issues due to hard water or corrosive chemicals. You can dramatically reduce service time and offer accurate control for bottom line cost savings.

  • Easy to program digital menu with precise and accurate digital settings.

  • Numeric variable speed, rinse limit, rinse delay, and alarm delay.

  • Durable compact case design for two and three products.

  • Probeless or Probe mode.

  • Conductive probe or optional inductive probe.

  • Proven, long life pump motors and squeeze tubes.

  • Option of plastic or brass solenoids for dry detergent.




Power Supply:

230V | 50Hz | 1 Phase

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Knight Dispenser


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